Vin-UP FAQ's

Every sale starts with a conversation.

Auto Dealers today are expected to offer similar retail experiences as their non-automotive counterparts, providing customer service on the level of companies such as Nordstrom, Amazon and others.  This means providing information helpful to the Consumers’ overall experience of purchasing as well as ownership.


The Vin-UP™ program allows your Dealership to instantly inform a Service Customer of the possible value of their aging vehicle.  Our professional, NO COST Call Center of commissioned Salespeople will reach out to every customer that receives a Vin-UP Ticket to reinforce the offer to buy their vehicle and set an appointment to receive a cash offer.  Your store pays ONLY for "kept" appointments!  Many service customers will also approach the Sales Department on the same day!  This is the type of experience consumers have come to expect from other retailers.  As a result, our Dealer partners will increase their Quality Pre-Owned inventory with vehicles that they themselves have been servicing for years (with no competition or bidding on the vehicle), sell more new vehicles, and avoid long term Service Customer attrition through aggressive Sales tactics.


“How does the Vin-UP ™ Program work?”

The Vin-UP™ kit allows your valets, porters and Service Advisors to quickly scan the VIN Barcode on incoming Service vehicles with Smart Scanners utilizing our proprietary application.  If the vehicle fits your desired profile (i.e., vehicles aged from 2004-2014), the Service Customer is handed an instantly printed coupon (from our portable printers) with a price offer on their vehicle.  Dealers can include an added incentive (i.e., $30 Service Credit) to prompt more customers to approach Sales and discuss their vehicle.  Service Advisors can “Upsell” the customer through a brief explanation of the offer.  Since many Dealers provide “spiffs” to Service Advisors that initiate a sales, it’s a great way for Advisors to increase their own income.


Our NO COST Call Center will then reach out to every customer that received a Vin-UP Offer, and ask them to return to the store to receive a cash evaluation on the vehicle.


“Which Service Customers are Solicited?”

That’s up to each Dealer’s Sales Manager/BDC.  Vin-UP™ allows Sales to target aging Service vehicles in any range (i.e. “all service vehicles aged 2007-2013”).  Service Customers that aren’t in that age range will not receive any offers.  For example, if your Dealership is servicing 70 RO’s daily, it’s likely that 40% of those vehicles are aged 4 years or older.  You can use your service appointment log to control the number of offers you put out in any given day.  Why not put an offer in 20 or more Service Customers’ hands today?


“Where do the Vehicle Valuations originate?”

Vin-UP utilizes data from partners such as KBB to generate instantly printed valuations.  Dealers can choose their own valuation from a list, i.e.  “Blue Book Trade in Average,” etc.  These can be changed at any time through the Customized Dealer Portal.


“Why not personally approach Service Customers while they wait?”

Service Customers with older vehicles come back to your store for one reason: An Excellent Retail Experience.  An “uninvited solicitation” from a Salesperson, regardless of your intent or skillset, will drive many previously loyal Service Customers to independent and franchise repair shops for oil changes and other work.  0% of Service Customers want to be approached by Salespeople.  Vin-UP™ provides valuable information on the possible worth of their current vehicle, and invites the customer to call an 800# to set an appointment at their convenience to receive a cash offer.  Since most of these Customers have been loyal to your Dealership for 4 years or more, they are very likely to buy from you again.  Aggressive Sales tactics in the Service waiting room however will have the opposite effect.


“I don’t like my Customers having an offer/ number.”

Every Dealer has experienced Customers “Showrooming” deals, using their smart phones to seek information on pricing from other sources outside their store.  Successful Auto Dealers are comfortable with Customers having a solid starting point to begin negotiations, and today’s educated Buyer/Sellers insist on it.  You have the option to offer a “Rough Trade In” valuation to every customer, to assure the most conservative wholesale purchase price for pre-owned vehicles.


“Is this a Data Mining Tool?”

No, Vin-UP™ is an Appointment Setting program for Service Customers to wholesale their cars to the Dealer. Your current Data Mining tools can however be an important part of your selling process, once we bring the Service Customer to your Sales Staff.

“Are you taking a piece of my sales?”

No, Vin-UP™ is sold on a monthly subscription basis, you pay ONLY for "kept" appointments, not "appointments set." There are NO Call Center Fees!


“Can I track my success rate?”

Absolutely. Your customized Vin-UP™ Dealer Web Portal records Total Service Vehicles Scanned and Total Offers Made to Service Customers.  Your Sales Staff can enter each customer’s data in our portal, which can be uploaded through a CSV file to ANY CRM.  It’s easy to “match up” sold vehicles to Vin-UP™ leads generated from the Service Department at the end of the selling period.



“How much is the Monthly Subscription?”

Vin-UP™ is available for a reasonable monthly fee, which includes a single scanner/printer kit (enough for about 70 RO’s/Day).  Additional kits for larger Stores and thermal printing paper are slightly extra.  We are priced in line with other lead generation services, please email for rates and a Vin-UP™ Sales Kit.


“Who is using the Vin-UP ™ Program now?”

Our current customer list includes Auto Canada,

Lafontiane Auto Group and other Dealers that recognize

the value of saving on auction and other acquisition fees

by purchasing customer vehicles at wholesale prices.