mss auto is the sales partner for the vin-up cash offer coupon program

The ONLY tool that "specs" EVERY CAR in your Service Lane!

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power your service lane equity program with vin-up Coupons!

Turn Service Customers into Daily Leads

The Vin-UP Scanner/Printer kit represents a process that starts with your Porters and Valet's rapidly generating and placing Kelley Blue Book CASH OFFER COUPONS on the dashboard of the vehicles you want to buy as they exit your Service Lane.

Choose the KBB valuation (Trade-In Good, Fair) and the desired years of vehicles you wish to purchase, we do the rest.  Each vehicle takes about 10 seconds to process, including current mileage.  

Avoid pushy waiting room tactics, your BDC or Service Lane Equity Manager follows up to remind the customer of their KBB CASH OFFER,  and starts the conversation toward their next vehicle upgrade!

The Vin-UP Service Lane Cash Offer Coupon Program is your solution to shrinking used car inventory and lost service customers.  Service Managers appreciate the fact that we are keeping vehicles in their ecosystem, as most "lost" service customers are driving 4-7 year old cars.

Details and Pricing

Contact us now at 732-690-9289 for  Vin-UP Cash Offer Coupon details and pricing.  MSS Auto can have your store up and running in one week. 

Vin-UP Service Lane KBB Cash Offer Coupon Program

The Vin-UP Service Lane Scanner/Printer


Choose the years of the vehicle you want to buy, and let your Service Customers know with Vin-UP CASH OFFER COUPONS.  Training takes just a few minutes.

Official Kelley Blue Book Partner


Choose your Cash Offer, change it any time based on your needs.  KBB Trade-In Fair to Excellent.

Your BDC or Service Lane Equity Manager follows up with every qualified customer.


Reach out to each customer to remind them of your KBB Cash Offer coupon!

We have partnered with CarFax Canada!


MSS Auto is please to announce our new partnership with Car Fax Canada and their VVR valuation service, offering the most accurate vehicle pricing available in Canada.

Your Porters and Valet's Can Easily Scan Hundreds of Outbound Service Vehicles Daily


The Vin-UP System works with ALL Brands!

Avoid "lost" service customers, include a service offer on every coupon!


Since you're targeting older vehicles for purchase, make sure to include an offer on their next service visit!

vin-up is the solution to sky high auction prices and costs

Inventory Development Center Support from Vin-UP


2019 will be the most active U.S. pre-owned vehicle market in memory, with an estimated 40,000,000 Used Vehicles sold by the end of the year.  Combined with increased competition from non-franchise players such as CarMax and Carvana, quality used vehicles are scarce and prices are quickly rising.

Official Partner with Kelley Blue Book


The Vin-UP Program has partnered with Kelley Blue, Book, U.S. consumers' #1 recognized vehicle valuation service.  Each Vin-UP Cash Offer Coupon reflects the Dealer Partner's choice of Trade-In Fair, Good, Very Good or Excellent. 

Official Partner with CarFax Canada


In Canada, Vin-UP Dealers have access to the CarFax Canada VVR valuations, the most accurate pricing available.